Meet the Team


Norman E. Jarvis


Norman founded Aglow Realty Inc. 22 years ago to be an elite real estate brokerage firm that delivers expert  market analysis and personal guidance to clients selling or purchasing a home or investment property. He is committed to providing clients with professional service from offer to closing and brings 22 years of knowledge in the Maryland real estate

market to the broker/client relationship. 

Over the past two decades, Norman has expanded the organization into a family of real estate services which include property management, front desk concierge services, auditing services, on call building maintenance

services, landlord tenant legal consulting services and Home Owners Association representative services.

"The Maryland real estate market is stable and its future looks bright. I am inspired to help you achieve your real estate objectives."

Norman E. Jarvis




With a background in small town development and investing, Peter quickly adapted to big city business. In 15 years, Peter has moved up the ranks and has become our newest president.  He has impressed many as a forward thinker and excellent communicator. Peter also spearheads most of our companies charity events and non-profit out reach.


Chief Marketing Officer

Graduating from Chicago's finest art school, Beth has become well rounded in all facets of the industry. Spearheading marketing campaigns that brought on new investors, Beth has made a name for herself with spacious designs. Recently becoming an instructor at her alma mater, along with her community service, Beth has proven to become the face of Aglow Realty, Inc. a positive asset to the community.

About Us

22 Years and Counting

Starting with a few clients in 1997, we have always been committed to providing expert market analysis to buyers, sellers and investors in the Maryland real estate market. Over the years, the market has grown and the needs of the client to sell, lease, purchase, invest in or manage real estate and achieve a suitable ROI have become greater. Therefore, we have grown into a company that delivers all inclusive real estate services to meet those needs. We provide everything from leasing and property management to legal support all within our organization. 

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Market Expertise

Economic development is the life blood of any state or local community. We have years of expertise in how the economic development process works and can advise our clients as to where the key pockets of economic investment and growth around the state are located. We go the extra mile for our clients in advising them of the future development plans for the community in which they plan to buy, sell or invest.

Aglow Realty, Inc. Cares

We give back to the people in our communities! We help to organize Neighborhood Watch programs and co-sponsor community health awareness events. We also sponsor personal financial development seminars and first time homebuyer seminars. Go to and request our newsletter to stay up to date with all our upcoming events.